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What is Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Therapy?

The ancient art & therapeutic practice of barefoot massage is best known in North America as the Japanese term "Ashiatsu", "ashi" (foot) & "atsu" (pressure). For safety of both therapist and client, barefoot massage in North America is typically performed on a massage table with overhead parallel bars to ensure stability and precision of strokes. Swedish style relaxation or deep tissue techniques can be achieved using the feet.

Why Ashiatsu vs Traditional Hands-on Massage?

The therapist uses bare, lubricated feet to engage the tissue with compressive effleurage and petrissage to create structural change int eh soft tissue. The broad, rounded surfaces of their feet, allow the therapist to administer greater pressure without causing the tissue damage and consequent pain that clients often report following a deep tissue massage given using bony prominences like elbows and fingers. The gliding strokes of Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Therapy offers the experience of incredibly consistent pressure and an incomparable sensation of flow.

Is Ashiatsu covered by massage benefits?

Yes. Ashiatsu is now recognized by the CMTO as Registered Massage Therapy. If you have medical insurance or benefits that cover massage therapy, Ashiatsu will be included.


30 Minute $55
45 Minute $70
60 Minute $85
90 Minute $115

*Fees are subject to HST
**Initial appointments are booked for one hour
***Fees are the same as Swedish massage

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