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About Us

Our Vision

To make a positive difference in the Quinte region through exceptional health care and education.

Our Mission

When seeking any type of health care, it's crucial that your practitioners had had appropriate training in their field.

You can rest assured that TIHC practitioners exceed this requirement. Our health care team consists of a group of highly educated, regulated professionals working with you.

Integrated Healthcare

TIHC first opened its doors in 2006 bringing a big city idea to a smaller, growing, vibrant community.


Our team consists of highly educated, regulated health professionals including chiropractors, physiotherapists, naturopathic doctors, registered massage therapists, athletic therapists and more, working together to bring exceptional care to the Quinte West region.

From treating military members, both active and veterans, to local athletes, to office and construction workers, TIHC welcomes all individuals and strives to work collaboratively within our team and with each patient to bring the best possible outcomes.

We're looking forward to helping you!


We Are Both Integrative Within Our Centre And
In The Health Care Community.

At TIHC we are integrative within our Centre. We strongly believe that a multi-disciplinary approach to health results in the best care. Being a patient at our Centre means that you will have access to a team of practitioners collaborating on your case. Our team consists of experts that encompass almost all areas of health. The team members regularly discuss cases which ensures that you are receiving the best care for your condition. For example, if you are being treated by our massage therapist for back pain, with your consent your therapist could discuss your case with our team to determine if additional recommendations for treatment can be given.

At TIHC we are also integrative within the health care system at large. We offer treatments that are synergistic with standard medical care. Unlike alternative medicine, which can often be antagonistic to medical care, TIHC uses an evidence-based approach providing treatments that complement the care you may already be receiving. Conventional and complimentary medicine working together to provide better results than either might achieve alone.

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