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Brad Major, MPT, BScKin


Brad’s initial love for physiotherapy occurred when he was 15 years as he attended physiotherapy for a sports injury. He attended the University of Waterloo where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. His most impactful course was Low Back Disorders taught by world-renowned professor and low back guru, Stu McGill. Brad would continue to progress his learning through international studies at the University of Sydney, where he completed a Master of Physiotherapy. Here he had a very unique opportunity to learn from professors with leading research in the field and with a biopsychosocial model of care that focused on the whole individual, not just the problem at hand.


After Graduating, Brad was fortunate to work in Australia for 6 months in the rural community of Orange, NSW. He worked with one of Australia’s most designated outreach programs to provide healthcare to individuals in the outback of Australia; a place where healthcare is not easily accessible. To achieve this feat, a team of 4 drove a custom-fitted healthcare van, to rural communities all over the country; essentially a physiotherapy on wheels program! Brad feels blessed to have been able to provide care for individuals whom otherwise would not have had the resources or access to this care. Since returning to Canada in August of 2020, Brad worked for the University Health Network in an outpatient setting at Brampton Altum Health. Here he dealt with many workplace injuries and WSIB clientele to help them in their integrated journey’s back into the workplace. Brad has recently moved back to Belleville where his family resides.

Brad Major, Physiotherapist

Services he Provides:

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