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Image of  Marianne Irwin

Marianne Irwin, Massage Therapy

Marianne has been providing patient-centred massage therapy at TIHC since 2010. She graduated from Sir Sandford Fleming College in Peterborough. Previously she had studied and attained her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of Windsor in 1992. She employs a variety of techniques in her treatments and is attentive to providing the environment and depth of treatment that will best benefit her clients, taking into account their comfort and presenting concerns. Marianne is currently living in Kingston, working as an Instructor at a private college there, as well as working as a therapist in Kingston but she loves TIHC so much that she commutes two days a week to treat here.

Services She Provides:

Photo of the TIHC office

Marianne Irwin, BA (Hon), RMT

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