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Athletic Therapy


Athletic Therapists are health care professionals who are extensively trained in the assessment, treatment, and prevention of injuries to muscles, bones, and joints. A clinical treatment with an Athletic Therapist includes manual treatment, exercise prescription, modality use (eg. ultrasound, IFC, TENS, NMES), and education on preventing re-injury.

Athletic Therapists are known to be active in their rehab approach and strive to get their clients back in a timely manner to the activities that they enjoy. Athletic Therapists can also be found on the field working directly with athletes to ensure that they are physically able to participate in their sport. On the field, Athletic Therapists are trained to assess injuries, determine if an athlete can return to play, aid them in their return by providing necessary support via taping techniques, as well as provide emergency care if needed. Despite the name, Athletic Therapists work with all clientele of varying levels of activity, not just elite athletes.

What to expect on your first visit.

After completing your intake paperwork (online or in person), our Athletic Therapist will begin with a thorough health history and physical assessment. The health history many consist of questions regarding the following: signs and symptom you are experiencing, personal and family medical history, surgeries and accidents and major illness. The physical exam may consist of the following tests: orthopedic testing, postural and movement screen, reflex and neurological testing, muscle and joint palpation. Following the history and physical exam, your assessment findings will be discussed, and a plan of management will be prescribed. Your first treatment will begin following obtaining informed consent.

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Leah Toffelmire, RMT, CAT(C)

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